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Carter Hargrave Foundation

Carter Hargrave Foundation

The Carter Hargrave Foundation was founded to accommodate the charity and giving mission of helping children and childhood diseases. Now we are also in full support of the Wounded Warrior Project to help those who have been injured insuring the freedoms of America.

We support these charities with our money and online support. Clean water is an important and vital gift we can help give. That is why the work of Charity Water is important to us. 

Another of the missions of the Carter Hargrave Foundation is to spread literacy throughout the world via accelerated reading programs not just to children but also to parents of children.

Without the basic reading skills a fulfilled life is all but impossible and removing these limitations is what the foundations goals are all about.

We are partnering with various organizations to assist them in bringing literacy teaching and awareness to as many as possible.

We hope you will enjoy following our progress in reaching total world literacy, ending poverty, childhood cancer, and safe plentiful drinking water.

It is truly a shame that in light of todays technology and advances that there still exists places in the world where people cannot read or to an even greater extent are functioning illiterate, those who can read some but cannot understand or comprehend what was read. Where people cannot afford to help their children with their medical care and food.

Reading starts at home. Readers are leaders. Lets get the programs to those that need them, and lets put more books in the hands and homes where non were before.

Please visit our partners list on this website and help us support the great work that is being done.

The Carter Hargrave Foundation is a giving organization, and do not accept donations. It is our goal to bring awareness and help whenever possible to these and other helping organizations for health and well-being, for centers, groups, and hospitals.